Your Ultimate HVAC Solution in Colorado Springs, CO

In the heart of Colorado Springs, CO, where temperatures can plummet during the winter months, having a functional heating system isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Hunter Heating and Cooling has long been a trusted name in the community, ensuring residents stay warm when they need it the most. From the all-important furnace repair to comprehensive system checks, they’ve got you covered. Here’s a deeper look into the expertise they bring to the table.

How To Inspect Your Heater Properly

Understanding the basic mechanics of your heating system is always beneficial. By conducting a regular check, you can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. Here’s how to inspect your heater the right way:

Visual Inspection: Start with an overall assessment. Check for any signs of wear, rust, or soot. Look at the flame in the burner – it should be blue and not yellow or orange.

Listen: Strange noises can indicate a problem. If you hear any rattling, humming, or buzzing, it may be time to call Hunter Heating and Cooling.

Check Air Flow: Ensure that air is flowing correctly from all vents. If the airflow seems weak or non-existent, the filters might be clogged or there may be a problem with the blower.

Assess the Thermostat: Make sure your thermostat is working correctly. If there’s a discrepancy between the set temperature and room temperature, it may need recalibration or replacement.

Remember, while these checks are good for regular maintenance, if you’re unsure about anything, it’s best to call in the experts.

Why It’s Important To Hire a Good Heating Expert

Your heating system is an intricate blend of mechanics and electronics. While DIY fixes might be tempting, the importance of hiring a skilled professional like those at Hunter Heating and Cooling cannot be overstressed. Here’s why:

  • Safety: An expert ensures that your heating system operates safely, reducing the risk of issues like carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Efficiency: Professionals can fine-tune your system, ensuring it runs at optimal efficiency, which can save you money in the long run.
  • Longevity: Regular expert maintenance can increase the lifespan of your heating system, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that a skilled professional has inspected and approved your heating system allows you to rest easy, even on the coldest nights.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating System?

This is a question many homeowners grapple with. While repairs can be more cost-effective in the short term, there comes a time when replacement might be the more prudent choice.

  1. Age of System: If your system is over 15 years old, it may be more energy-efficient to replace rather than repair.
  2. Frequency of Repairs: If you’re calling Hunter Heating and Cooling more frequently for furnace repair or other issues, it might be time for a replacement.
  3. Energy Bills: If your energy bills are rising without a corresponding increase in usage, an outdated system could be the culprit. New systems are typically more energy-efficient.
  4. Comfort Levels: If certain rooms are too cold while others are too hot, or if the air feels stuffy or damp, it might be time for a system upgrade.

In conclusion, when it comes to keeping warm in Colorado Springs, CO, residents trust Hunter Heating and Cooling. With their expertise in furnace repair and system maintenance, you’re assured of a cozy home, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Determining When to Replace Your Blairsville GA AC Unit

Recognizing signs that indicate your AC unit requires replacement can save you from discomfort and higher energy bills. Firstly, consider its age: units over 10-15 years are likely less efficient. Frequent repairs are a red flag, as continuous issues suggest underlying problems. Inefficient cooling, uneven airflow, or inconsistent temperatures throughout your space indicate a declining system.


Escalating energy bills despite regular usage imply inefficiency. Excessive noise and poor indoor air quality are additional signs. Consulting a professional ac replacement technician for an assessment can confirm whether it’s time to invest in a new, more energy-efficient AC unit for better comfort and savings.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioner for Your Needs

Selecting a new air conditioner requires careful consideration to ensure optimal cooling efficiency. Determine the appropriate cooling capacity by assessing your room size and insulation. Energy efficiency is vital; seek units with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings for cost-effective operation. Consider the type: window units for single rooms, split systems for multiple zones, or central systems for whole-house cooling.

Air conditioning system outside installation on of the house.

Noise levels matter, especially for indoor comfort. Review features like programmable thermostats, smart controls, and air purifiers for added benefits. Lastly, choose a reputable brand and consult an HVAC professional to ensure proper sizing and installation for maximum performance.

Is Repair a Viable Choice for You?

Repairing your malfunctioning appliance can be a viable choice under specific circumstances. Firstly, consider the age of the appliance – if it’s relatively new and the repair cost is reasonable, fixing it might be prudent. Minor issues like a broken switch or a clogged filter are often fixable at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Additionally, if the appliance holds sentimental value or is part of a matching set, repair might be preferable. However, if the appliance is old, has a history of frequent breakdowns, or the repair cost is close to a new purchase, opting for a replacement could be a wiser long-term investment.

Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit

Inspecting Your Air Conditioner For Damages

What would you do if your air conditioner stopped working? Well, if you have the necessary knowledge then it should be pretty simple. I’ll walk you through how to take care of an air conditioning unit that won’t start up or isn’t blowing cold air anymore.

Check For Leaks

The first thing to check is any sort of leak in your system. You can usually tell because your floor will be wet around the unit, or the water level in the bucket attached to it will be low.

If you do have a leak, turn off the power to your air conditioner and call a professional to take care of it for you.

Check If The A/C Is Blowing Cold Air

Turn on the system at the thermostat if it isn’t already turned on. You can tell that your unit is blowing cold air if there are ice cubes forming on the coil or if some of your houseplants are wilting.

Check If The A/C Is Making Strange Noises

Sometimes if one of our units has been working hard for a long time, its bearings could get worn down enough that it emits a noise while running. This is normal but if you hear multiple strange noises or sounds every time the unit kicks on then there is probably some wear and tear going on inside which can lead to further problems.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call a professional to take a look at it for you, learn more.


The Importance Of Hiring An Air Conditioning Contractor

It can be very difficult to tell if your AC unit has sprung a leak, especially if you’re not experienced in AC units. If you believe that your AC is leaking please stay away from it and contact professional help immediately.

There are several companies that offer pre-season AC checks for homes before the heat starts up in spring/summertime. This way they can ensure that the unit will function during the summer months when it is needed most. When a leak or a malfunction occurs with your unit, it should never be fixed by an untrained person.

Contact a reputable company to come out and inspect your system, make any necessary repairs and make sure everything functions smoothly when the weather gets hot again this year.


Check If Your AC Unit Needs Replacement Or Repair

So you have started to notice your AC unit is no longer cooling as well as it used to.  Or maybe it has stopped working completely and the repairman’s quote is more than the cost of a new unit.  If that sounds like your problem, then what do you do?  The most important thing is not who says what; it’s an understanding of how these units work and their expected lifespan.

You may be surprised at what we’re going to say: replace your AC unit!  That’s right! Of course, if there is something wrong with your current AC or its performance has declined significantly, you should get it fixed. After all, no one wants to pay for a new system when they don’t need to. The question is how much wear and tear can be reasonably expected from an AC unit, and when it’s time to stop putting money into repairs.


When should you replace your outdated air conditioner?

There are a few signs that you should pay attention to when deciding if it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some of the most common reasons people get new air conditioning units:


  • The unit is over 15 years old. Many manufacturers offer ten-year warranties on their equipment. If your unit is over the warranty time, then it’s probably a good idea to replace it.


  • The unit makes strange sounds – squeaking, whistling, etc. This could be an indicator that the motor or other key components of your AC unit are failing and need to be replaced.


  • It leaks water onto the ground. This is an obvious sign that you need to replace your AC unit.


  • The energy bills are unusually high in comparison to previous years when the old unit was in use. If you’ve had the same air conditioning system for 10+ years, it’s time to consider upgrading to a more efficient model. Some new models can save as much as 60% on your energy bills.


Why Should You Hire An Air Conditioning Professional?


Hiring an AC expert is not something you should do without any experience. They are skilled individuals that spend their day repairing the complex issues that occur with your AC system. You can also think of them as HVAC professionals, specializing in heating and cooling systems. Their job requires them to have a high level of expertise, which is why it is not recommended that you try working on your own AC unit.


An air conditioning expert can quickly pinpoint the cause of any issue with your AC system. A lot of times, the problem is simple and can be easily fixed after explaining it to them. They can provide insight on how to avoid the problem in the future so you don’t have to worry about it happening again. 

For example, if there is a leak within your ducts, an expert will be able to tell you after looking at them. The last thing they do is explain what needs to be done and provide you with an estimate of the cost before beginning to work.


If you are looking to buy an AC unit, it is recommended that you hire someone who will be able to do a complete assessment of your house and provide you with information on which system would best suit the environment of your home. They can also provide advice for energy-efficient appliances that use less power than standard models.


Should You Repair Your AC Unit?


Often a homeowner will need to make a cost-benefit decision when contemplating the replacement of an air conditioner. Several factors go into this type of decision-making process, including the age and efficiency rating of the current system as well as the initial investment required to purchase a new unit. In some cases, there may be several reasons as to why an air conditioner replacement would not be necessary. Go to Peters Heating and Air Conditioning for more information.

Indoor Air

One reason that air conditioners do not always need to be replaced is simply that they are still performing their intended functions adequately enough. Although the unit may not be operating at its maximum efficiency, it can often provide adequate cooling during times of mild weather and light use. By maintaining the unit over the years, homeowners can often save thousands of dollars.


Replacing an air conditioner is also not always necessary even if it has reached its maximum efficiency rating. Although many people equate age with inefficiency, maximal efficiency ratings are based on laboratory conditions rather than real-world application. Therefore, the actual size and output of the unit will vary from these lab-tested results. In addition, the overall condition of the unit should be considered before a replacement. For example, if the compressor or condenser coils are damaged beyond repair, it would make more sense to invest in a new ac system rather than to continue replacing faulty components in an old one.

Finding A Reputable Duct Cleaning Repair Company In Bethesda



When it comes to finding a reputable duct cleaning repair company, you have to do your research! There are many scams out there made to look like they are legitimate companies that you can trust. Many duct cleaning companies ask for the full price of their service up front.  This is something you want to try and avoid if possible because these companies will not come back when the problem starts again or worse they won’t do all the things the needed and over charged you in the first place!


Choosing A Duct Cleaning Specialist

There are several ways you can find a reputable duct cleaning company like The easiest way is to ask other homeowners in your community who they use and if they were satisfied with their work. You can also search the internet for “duct cleaning companies” and then call all of them to see how much they charge for their services, what many offer, and most importantly if they have any hidden fees or charges!

Once you’ve found a few places that look like good candidates to do the job, check out their website and/or social media pages. A reputable duct cleaning company will have a website with pictures of past work and testimonials from past customers. They should also provide clear information about the different types of services they offer, their prices, and what makes them better than other companies!

If you like what you read online but want to know more before making your decision you can always call the company up and ask if they would be willing to do a consultation. A good duct specialist will be happy to come out and give an estimate for free before asking for payment or signing contracts. Make sure that the people working in your home are very professional (dress code) when doing any type of “home” service job.


Look For A Duct Cleaning Technician With Home Warranties

Many homeowners find it helpful to have a service warranty for the work they will be having done. Depending on what type of service you’re looking to get done, there are several options available!

For example if your ducts need replacement then you should ask about the warranty before agreeing to sign any contracts or give payment information. Some companies do not offer home warranties because this would make them responsible for thousands of dollars in future repairs that could easily come from other things besides their previous work on your house such as an unskilled handyman who makes a mistake while doing work inside or outside the home.


Always Check The Past Customers Review

Once you’ve found a trusted company to help with your needs, make sure that you ask the past customers of the duct cleaning experts about their experience.  They should be willing to provide you with pictures, videos, and/or personal testimonials so that you can get a clear idea of what they’re about!

When it comes down to it, finding a reputable and reliable company really isn’t as hard as most people think. You just have to take your time and do your research on the company before giving them access into your home.  If they are willing to show up for free and tell you more about what they offer then they are probably a legitimate company that cares more about providing good quality service than scamming you out of your money!